You know I love you..

The way you're holding on to me
Makes me feel like I can't breathe
Just let me go, just let me go
It just won't feel right inside
God knows I've tried

You know I love you, you know I do
But I can't fight anymore for you
And I don't know, maybe we'll be together again
Sometime, in another life

I dont want us to be the end of me...

This love is taking all of my energy...

A friendly kiss includes no toungue...

Us against the world..

Hah! Fulaste låten...

Cidinho & Doca - Rap Das Armas

Ayo Technology

Why you so obsessed with me?


Nananana heeeey, goodbyee!

Kelly Clarkson

Walk Away


Behind these hazel eyes

Never again

My life would suck without you

Let's have som fun this beat is sick!

Time makes it harder

Pink - Who knew

White trash queen, American dream...

Papa Roach - Hollywood Whore

The cameras are gone
And nobody screams
She couldn't survive,
Her fifteen minutes of fame

Her friends are all gone
She's going insane
She'll never survive,
Without the money and fame

Jeg hører kun musik I mit iskolde hjerte...

Medina - Kun for mig

När man är ledsen ska man tänka på bra minnen, alla minnen med dig svider när jag tänker på det...


Jag vet inte vad ni tänker på när ni hör dessa låtar, men jag tänker lite remix, Spanien, Texas (den lokala "klubben" hette så). Fan va grymt!

Did you say hello? Hahahaha, to say byeeeeeeee byyyeeee!

Breathe slow!

Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow

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